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Meet Up & Photowalk: Felixstowe Ferry

After the resounding success of Illuminate's inaugural photowalk at Newbourne Springs in May, we embarked on another in June. This time, it was at Felixstowe Ferry. Like the previous meet up, we planned it so that we finished up at a nice pub to allow for a chat and a roundup of our evening.

As before, everyone was given the challenge of capturing a concept. This time round, the concept was - The Essence of Time.

Before any of us reached for our cameras, a slight curveball was given to everyone. With numerous film photographers often emphasising that film slows one down, and with the concept being based around time, digital camera users were challenged to envision having a just 36 shots, akin to a roll of 35mm film. While a couple perhaps deviated slightly from the given directive, the majority conscientiously embraced this limitation during the walk.

The quest to encapsulate the essence of time presents a wide range of opportunities for exploration, each person interpreting the concept in their own distinct manner. Many things may pop into one's mind, from the general progression and movement of life, to decay and impermanence. For Mikaela, this concept takes a deeply personal route as she finds herself immersed in moments near water. Everything from the rhythmic dance of waves, the gentle symphony of sounds, and the act of being in the water, all conspire to decelerate time's passage, drawing her back to her core and instilling a profound sense of feeling centred. It was really interesting watching how everyone took to capture this concept in their own unique ways.

Another angle towards this concept steered around the fact of being positioned in an ever-shifting landscape. Each visit to the Ferry reveals a unique canvas, never to be replicated again. Therefore, capturing it during a particular moment, on a specific evening, holds the promise of preserving a fleeting and singular moment that will never be seen the same way again.

As the photowalk unfolded, we all collectively captured the essence of time, freezing it in our frames. However, amidst this act of preservation, we also allowed ourselves to create a novel landscape through our own diverse and unique perspectives.

We were blessed with a wide array of creatives on this particular walk. All with an assortment of cameras, encompassing digital, film, and mobile. Witnessing the outcomes has been an absolute joy. Photography, as an art form, gives us the incredible gift of exploring the same location with fellow creatives while encapsulating it in vastly distinct ways. Even as we stand shoulder to shoulder, observing others with their cameras, every individual brings their own unique perspective.

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