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Welcome to the Exposure Gallery featuring the work of 44 photographic artists from Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and beyond.

Our mission is to provide a platform for these photographers to showcase their work and to inspire others to create meaningful art. We believe that photography can be a powerful form of expression. Our gallery contains a diverse range of photographs, from cityscapes to portraits.

You can also purchase a Zine featuring the work of these artists here.

Daelin Roberts


Emma Steele


Jeremy Hennell James


Darren Beattie


Malcolm Leith


Alice Greenacre

Martin Annand


Ant McLean


Kevin Smith


Sophie le Roux


Bram Smiley


Paeony Lewis


Will Knox


Lewis Gant


Chris Jones


Matt Moseley


Jemma Crane

Andrew Roberts


Lewis Garrard

Lucy Worrall


Laura Minter - Goodchild


Samantha Parker


Matthew Kaltenborn


Sarah Lucy Brown


Andrew Keedle


Xenia Dautzenberg


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