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Meet Up & Photowalk: Newbourne Springs

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Towards the end of May, a group of five passionate photographers met at Newbourne Springs in Suffolk. This first photowalk marked the inception of a regular monthly walk with like minded artists, allowing an opportunity for all of us to connect, explore, and more importantly, finish up at a nice pub for a chat and a roundup of our evening. On this particular walk, we finished up at the Newbourne Fox, nestled conveniently around the corner from the main car park.

We were given a concept / theme to try and capture, creating a bit of a challenge for everyone involved. The concept given on this first walk was - To See The Unseen.

In the realm of photography, we possess a unique ability to capture and reveal aspects of the world that often go overlooked. Beyond capturing the mere visual representation of a place, photographers have the power to explore and capture the unseen, finding hidden narratives and shedding light on the beauty and complexity that lies beneath the surface. This concept delves into the idea that as artists, we all possess a distinct and unique view towards the world. This in turn enables us to observe and interpret the world in our own extraordinary ways.

The concept ‘To See The Unseen’ came from Mikaela after childhood memories of wanting to find fairies in the woods. This in itself conjured a whimsical and enchanting world to the imagination, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blurred. Early on in the walk, we spoke of this idea and it immediately tapped into our innate sense of wonder, inviting us to venture into the depths of nature that surrounded us at Newbourne Springs, where hidden realms may lie. As we wandered through the dappled sunlight and meandering paths, our imaginations took flight, and we became attuned to the delicate whispers of mother nature's secrets, capturing them through our lenses.

As the photowalk unfolded, the enchantment of nature manifested itself in the frames captured by those on the walk. This was everything from the intricate details of flora and fauna to the play of light and shadows in a scene. The end results from everyone that took part in the walk portrayed the magic that had been discovered at Newbourne Springs.

It’s been such a delight to see everyone’s results from the walk. Photography, as an art form, allows us the remarkable ability to go to the same place alongside a group of others, and yet capture them in profoundly different ways. Even when watching others standing side by side, each of us carry a unique perspective, with creative sensibilities, and technical choices shaping the approach to capturing a scene. For example, one photographer may look to capture and vastness of a landscape, using a wide-angle lens to emphasize the sweeping vistas, while another may be drawn to the intimate details and subtle textures, opting for close-up shots with a macro lens that unveils the hidden details. Other important factors such as lighting, composition, and post-processing techniques further contribute to the individuality of each photographer's vision. This reminds us that the world we share is an array of possibilities waiting to be explored through the lens.

This first photowalk brought together a diverse range of artists, using either film, digital, or both. With Illuminate offering darkroom services, it’s always heart warming to witness people embracing film photography and enquiring about using Illuminate to learn both processing and printing. It’s a true testament to the enduring allure and inherent value of this traditional medium.

Explore the work of the photographers:

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