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Image by Luca Bravo


The darkroom at Illuminate is available for hire to newbies and professionals. Our aim is to create an inspiring and comfortable space for artists and creatives to learn, to develop and push the boundaries of analogue photography.

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To view the darkroom workshops we offer, click here.

Darkroom hire includes: 

4 enlargers, 2 suitable for medium format printing.

Film developing chemicals (additional costs may incur for large quantities).

Up to 3 negative sleeves (others can purchased from Illuminate).

Paper developing chemicals.

Developing tanks for 35mm, medium and large format.

Various size trays, tongs, measuring cylinders, and focus finder.

Please note: chemicals provided are for black and white only.

 Paper is not included but can be purchased at Illuminate.

If you'd like to use colour processing chemicals, please contact us.


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Would you like to hire the darkroom... there's just a couple of things you need to consider...

You must have previous darkroom experience (and be able to evidence this), or have attended one of our workshops.

You must attend a 20 minute induction to the darkroom. 

Once you book your session, we will contact you to arrange your induction.

Darkroom Experience Day

This experience day is suitable for beginners, those who would like a refresh, or if you're comfortable in the darkroom but would like to experiment with some different techniques or processes. 

  • Introduction to Film

  • Film Developing

  • Negative Printing

  • Contact Sheet Printing

  • Grades

  • Dodge & Burning

  • Chemigrams

  • Photograms

  • Cyanotypes

  • Collage negatives

  • Lumen Printing

  • Tinting & Toning


You can combine 3 of the above techniques, or 2 of the above and 1 of the below.


  • Liquid Light

  • Lith Printing

  • Anthotypes

  • Advanced Cyanotype

  • Advanced Chemigrams

  • Advanced Photograms


You can combine 2 of the above technqiues, or add 1 of these to the list above.




Darkroom Workshops

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