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Welcome to the Exposure Gallery featuring the work of 42 photographic artists from Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and beyond.

Our mission is to provide a platform for these photographers to showcase their work and to inspire others to create meaningful art. We believe that photography can be a powerful form of expression. Our gallery contains a diverse range of photographs, from cityscapes to portraits.

You can also purchase a Zine featuring the work of these artists here.

Alastair Bartlett


Andrew Keedle


Andrew Roberts


Anna MacIntyre


Beth Waterhouse


Darren Beattie


David Robertson

Dom Courtenay

Dominic Whiten


Efa Hopkinson


Jake Staddon

Jeremy Hennell James


Kerry McLaughlin


Laura Minter-Goodchild


Lewis Gant


Martin Champion

Matt Moseley


Nils Aksnes


Paul Andrew


Paul Fisk


Phoebe Wyeth

Sam James


Samantha Parker


Sarah Barnard


Sarah Lucy Brown


Steven Laws


Summer Howe


Xenia Dautzenberg


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