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Illuminate is based at Brightwell Barns in the Suffolk countryside. It provides a creative environment where the community and professionals can enhance their artistic skills, learn new techniques, showcase work and purchase photographic supplies and equipment.

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One of Illuminate's main features is our photographic darkroom which hosts 3 colour & black and white enlargers, one is suitable for medium format film. The darkroom is available for hire and we offer a wide range of workshops which can be found here.

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The photographic studio has a large window for natural light as well as various studio lighting. The studio is available for hire and has a range of backdrops and props for clients to use. Workshops in the studio are also offered. 


Mikaela Rackham

A photographic artist and educator based in Suffolk. After completing an Art and Design course at college focusing on digital media and collage, Mikaela moved onto a Fine Art Degree at UCS. During this time she experimented with a wide range of processes, from printmaking, sculpture, to photography. Once her degree was complete Mikaela moved straight into her getting a PGCE and went onto teach at Northgate High School for 7 years. During this time Mikaela also ran a photographic business focusing on branding, portraits and weddings.


In 2021 Mikaela completed an MA in Photography with Falmouth University, during her MA she experimented with analogue photography, particularly pushing techniques in the darkroom, from experimental cyanotypes to liquid light printing onto wood. Mikaela creates artwork that explores themes of nature, mythology, surreal and alternative worlds as well as cultural story telling.

In July 2022, Mikaela created Illuminate, a creativee space for artists and photographers to share their practice, learn new skills and exhibit their work.


Photograph by Pixie Postcards


Paul Andrew

Paul is a keen film photographer and joined Illuminate through attending some of our workshops. Paul is currently completing an MA in photography with Falmouth University and is working on some exciting projects. 

Paul helps maintain the darkroom, mans the shop and gallery as well as helps with events. You'll be seeing a lot more of him over the next year!

Also he always greets you with the biggest smile. 

Lewis Gant

Lewis Gant is primarily a portrait photographer who shoots almost exclusively analogue using a camera from the early nineties, the Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii.


Lewis’ work involves meeting and photographing those he believes have unique characteristics, an individual sense of style and interesting stories to share, as well as those potentially considered to be on the fringes of society.


The work produced by Lewis is predominantly made using medium and large-format cameras, which he then develops by hand at home using traditional analogue methods.

Lewis joined illuminate with a passion for sharing his knowledge and expertise. You'll see Lewis bringing Illuminate to Norwich but also hosting workshops, writing blogs and working with our members. 

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