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Please note, you will be contacted via email to discuss your booking and unfortunately there is no guarantee you will exhibit in your chosen exhibition. 

Thank you for submitting, we look forward to hearing from you!

Choose your gallery space:

Thanks for submitting.


Fee & Commission:

  1. Fee must be paid on booking the gallery space (upon invoice).

  2. 15% commission will be deducted from sales of any artwork provided by the artist to the gallery.

  3. Sales will be tracked by Illuminate and payment will be made to the artist 1 week after exhibition closing.


Display & Hanging:

  1. Artists must use hanging system provided by Illuminate, unless agreed otherwise.

  2. Artists can hang their work themselves or leave Illuminate to hang work for them.

  3. The gallery will be manned by Illuminate.

  4. Please note that you are submitting artwork/s at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur during the installation of your artwork/s or during the exhibition.


Delivery and Collection: 


  1. You must be available to deliver to and collect your artwork/s from the gallery. At the time of collection, you should collect your artwork/s ‘off the wall’.  We are unable to wrap any artworks. Please take all wrappings home with you when delivering.

  2. Delivery of artwork/s must be at least 3 days before the exhibition start date, but no sooner than this unless agreed otherwise.


Details needed: Please attach clearly to the back of your submitted artwork/s:


  • Your name

  • Title of your work/s

  • Medium

  • Price (if for sale) or N.F.S.(not for sale)


Please do ensure that your art work has been suitably strung and is ready to be hung/displayed.

Personal Data: From the time you submit your artwork/s we will hold the details of your name, telephone number and signature.


Cancellation Policy: Tenants must give at least 1 month notice of cancellation in which a full refund will be given. Less than 1 month notice of cancellation will result in no refund.

We the proprietor will be responsible for;


1. Noting all artworks entering the premises.

2. Keeping records of all sales, and monies owned to the tenant.

3. Ensuring money is paid to the tenant at the end of the exhibition, minus any card transaction fees.

4. Artwork is clearly labelled.

5. Ensuring that the shop is safe and secure and fully insured to cover all products within.

6. Marketing Illuminate and the exhibition, hosting events and ensuring that customers are in the studio to view the artwork.

7. If cancellation occurs by Illuminate a full refund will be given to the tenant.

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