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Film Developing

At Illuminate, our black and white film developing service is crafted with the utmost precision and care to bring out the finest details and rich contrasts in your photographs. Whether you are a professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, our dedicated team at Illuminate is committed to delivering high-quality results that showcase the timeless beauty of black and white film.

How it works...

1. Choose your developing options.

2. Complete payment at checkout. Include any notes we may need!

If you would like your negatives posted back to you, please pay for shipping. If you would like to collect from Illuminate, select the collection option.

3. Make a note of your order number, and include this, along with your name and email in your parcel to send to us. 

4. Either ship the package to us, or drop into Illuminate our postbox.

5. Once we receive your films, we will develop these for you, and 5 - 7 days later, your scans will be emailed to you. Your negatives will be ready to collect within 10 - 12 days.

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