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An exhibition on the theme of "Tree Canopy", a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of trees and their canopies in our ecosystems and daily lives.
For every artist submission we will be donating to ONE TREE PLANTED.

10th November - 2nd December 2023

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Inviting your paintings, prints, drawings, textiles, ceramics, photography and sculpture- on the theme of ‘CANOPY' for our next exhibition.

Dates of Exhibition: 10th November - 2nd December 2023

Delivery of artwork: ​

  • Friday 3rd November & Saturday 4th November.

Open event: Friday 10th November, 6pm - 8pm

Collection of artwork:

  • Saturday 2nd December from 1pm - 4pm

Coverage:  Instagram, website, newsletter and local news outlets both for Illuminate & WAM Fest.


- Terms and Conditions -

How to Enter:

Theme: The theme of the exhibition is 'CANOPY' and you are free to interpret this however you feel. We welcome artwork by female artists exploring their own themes, and welcome work by any gender exploring women within their work. If work deems inappropriate for the exhibition you will be notified. 


Delivery and Collection: You must be available to deliver to and collect your artwork/s from the gallery. At the time of collection, you should collect your artwork/s ‘off the wall’.  We are unable to wrap any artworks. Please take all wrappings home with you when delivering.

Please note that you are submitting artwork/s at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur during the installation of your artwork/s or during the exhibition.

Open event: Please make sure you are able to attend the open event where possible, Friday 10th November, 6pm - 8pm​

All ages are welcome to submit artwork, professional or amateur. 


Strict size policy for work/s: 2D artworks - 70x70cm maximum (including frame), sculpture – 60cm x 60cm footprint for 1/2 or 3 submission. Half or full wall submissions welcome any sizing. By submitting artwork you agree to have your artwork photographed and shared via our social media channels/promotional advertisements regarding this whole month event.

Details needed:


Please attach CLEARLY to the back of your submitted artwork/s:

  •  Your name

  •  Telephone number

  •  Title of your work/s

  •  Medium

  •  Price (if for sale) or N.F.S.(not for sale)

Please do ensure that your art work has been suitably strung across the back and is ready to be hung.


Commission: The gallery will charge 15% commission on all works sold at the exhibition. You are not obliged to put the artwork/s you submit to the exhibition up for sale.

Sales: If your artwork/s are sold, payment will be settled at the start of November.


Personal Data: From the time you submit your artwork/s to the time you collect your artwork/s we will hold the details of your name, telephone number and signature. After the exhibition has ended we will destroy any record of these details appropriately.


We look forward to your participation in our open call.

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