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Inviting small local businesses, creators, makers and artists to have a stall/stand within Illuminate at Brightwell Barns. There will be a food and drink vendors outside the gallery. 

Date of Event: Sunday 3rd December, 11am - 3pm

Delivery & set up dates:

Delivery of stock, table, set up, etc - Saturday 2nd, 10am - 4pm or Sunday 8am onwards.

Coverage:  Instagram, website, newsletter and local news.

Floor space - 4ft x 3ft

Wall space - 1 - 1.5m behind floor space with hanging system. 



There will be spaces without wall hanging space, so please let us know if you do not require wall space. There will also be 2/3 spaces with a ledge area for display, please let us know if you would like this space - would work well for ceramics, sculptures, etc.

(If you are unable to provide a table, please let us know as we have a couple of tables available.)

- Terms and Conditions -


Delivery and Collection: You must be available to deliver to and collect your stock/artwork/s from the gallery. You must be able to set up your own stand/stall/table.

Please note that you are submitting stock/artwork/s at your own risk and we are not liable for any damage that may occur during the installation of your stock/artwork/s or during the event.

Fee: £20 per 4ft x 3ft space inside Illuminate, no other charges will apply. 

Stall holders are responsible for taking payments for their own stock.

Personal Data: From the time you submit your stock/artwork/s to the time you collect your stock/artwork/s we will hold the details of your name, telephone number and signature. After the event has ended we will destroy any record of these details appropriately.


We look forward to your participation in our Christmas Event.

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